My love affair with photography first started with a little polaroid – and the rest is history! Combined with an insatiable desire for adventure, travel and telling stories through compelling images, my camera quickly became my companion of choice. It has since brought me to countless wonderful places, where I have become fascinated by how people live differently – be it in Nepal, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates or back home in Canada.

I am currently in the final phases of a Master’s degree in photojournalism from Boston University. As an award-winning photojournalist currently based in Montreal, I specialize in photojournalism and event photography. As well as freelancing, I currently hold the position of Photo Editor and replacement photographer at La Presse.

Some places you’ll find my work: La Presse and La Presse+, The Globe and Mail, PBS.org, Harvard University Gazette, Quebec Science, Moisson Montréal, Boston University News Service, Nightlife.ca, Société Perrier, Copenhagen University Post, enRoute Magazine, McGill Alumni Magazine, The McGill Daily.





C O N T A C T :

Email : sar.mbi@gmail.com

Phone : 1-514-712-8685

Twitter & Instagram : @sarahmbirkett


A W A R D S :

Boston Press Photographers 2011 College Contest: 2nd place and honourable mention

EnRoute Magazine Flash contest

McGill University Study Abroad photo contest