Colleen Ellse – The Story of a Letterpress Artist and Designer

Colleen Ellse is a letterpress artist and designer.

She is currently in the process of building her letterpress business. She cannot yet afford her own press or studio, so she prints her handmade cards, prints, and various customized work from the AS220 Printshop in Providence, Rhode Island.

Colleen loves the antique aspect of her work. Through her work, she feels a bond to an older generation of printers. Colleen gives off a kind of nostalgic air for times past and old-fashioned values.

Recently, she found out that her attraction to printing has roots in her own family history. Her great-grandfather was an engraver, and her grandmother used to help him package handmade wedding invitations, much like Ellse now does in her business.

Colleen has a degree in graphic design, but found her true love of letterpress after being laid off during the last recession. Colleen believes that letterpress is the perfect combination of her two personalities – the free-spirited, creative designer, and the meticulous printer.

Colleen finds inspiration in nature, antique imagery, Anthropologie catalogs and the many, many blogs she visits on a daily basis.

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